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The gray area.

So I want to become a writer. Maybe I’ll be good, maybe I won’t. However, I’ve noticed a strong characteristic in my writings and arguments. I can value another person’s opinion. I can have a good opposing argument sway mine. While I feel that I’m very open-minded, I am worried that I can be open-minded to a fault. I believe Malcolm X said, “if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.” I suppose when I come across a subject I feel more passionate about I’ll understand the importance of black-and-white arguments.

Do you need to dig in your heels to be a good writer? Or can you walk in someone else’s shoes, and still create entertaining fodder for the mind. I guess that will be the evolution of my writing and I hope I keep it up, because I’d love to be able to answer my own question and create others as I go along.



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