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Bucky Larson Prediction

I want to make a prediction.

This will be Happy Madison’s last movie. If Bucky Larson is a million times better than the trailer indicates then the producers should pray to break even. The only way this movie will emit a hint of success is if the trailer is a joke, and the predictable cast decides to get creative…..in any way. What is up with Peter Dante? I think the only true acting in this movie is that we will all genuinely question if he is actually mentally challenged or not.

It’s a shame that there are millions of brilliantly creative people that struggle and you guys just dry heave movies because you once knew Adam Sandler.  

I’m going to stop here, because I am sick of the trailer, and disappointed in myself that it looks so terrible that I had to write about it in the first place. Fuck you Happy Madison for thinking that any fans you had left are stupid enough to pay for an hour and 36 minutes of our time.