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Death and Media

Losing Whitney Houston was another reminder of how entertaining and talent, no matter how much of it was squandered, will always lead the way over what it truly important. I am recently trying to get more into politics, but I am still finding it difficult. Partially because I’m not sure who to believe, and also I want to believe the leaders have a bit (significant) more education than I…me…I? Regardless, I know the decisions in the White House are much more important than where Adam Levine is eating brunch, or which ex-Backstreet Boy got caught with gay animal porn. Besides, it’s obvious it was Howie.

Basically, my point, the Whitney eulogy being televised was a little much. I don’t care to see someone who wasted her life and took no responsibility for her actions. I struggle to find a scenario where a person’s death isn’t tragic. Even Osama had followers who felt sadness when he was killed…half naked…near his huge porn stash.

Death is sad. Whitney’s death is no different. But she was someone who avoided being a mom. She choose drugs over her family. So just because she could belt out some amazing sounds she gets is glorified and receives all this attention. Why? Why are we, as American’s drawn to train wrecks. I’m sure I’m slightly guilty of succumbing to some sort of useless pleasure. I’ll catch MTV’s “The Challenge” once in a while. I’m not proud of it.

Televise a hero’s funeral that lost their life in battle. I’ll watch that over a woman who snorted her talent any day! ¬†Or a firefighter or policeman who lost their life while on duty. Time to change. Stop watching TMZ and glorifying these people, just because they’re on TV.

I think it’s the over hyped and glorifying of a person who abused herself, and gets all the publicity because she is famous. While there are heroes that deserve a lot more publicity over things they do overseas and right here at home. The gratitude of the true heroes is lost over a person who had a voice and a needle. While it may but a little forward, she had a drug problem, she wasted talent, and people are watching her funeral like this is what is important. It’s really not. It should be a reminder of why it is important to work hard and trust in your family. Thank you to the true heroes in our world. The media may forget often, but I never will.